A pawsome adventure~ 🐈


     WASD - Movement

     Space - Jump


ProgrammerAndy Bae
ArtistJack Pressnell
ComposerVincenti Zghra

Made as a part of:

Weekly Game Jam 130 - Dying is Awarded

Finally Finish Something 2020

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date Jan 09, 2020
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsAndy Bae, SomeFarang, Vincenti Zghra
Made withGameMaker
TagsCute, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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Cute game!

a nice puzzle platformer but you have to get used to the differents scheme of controls of all cats.Why to use the mouse in the beginning in the menu ? if not looks like a console controls game scheme.


meow ball and speed meow and meowgic carpet


I love this game

how do you beat the second level?

Use the fat cat as a bounce pad (hold space to jump higher) then use the fast cats as a speed boost to jump across the gap ;]


thanks for the reply! I got to the fourth level and it's so fun to play especially liked the magic carpet cat

I really nice, but I had a lil problem :


in the second level, it gets too hard. But yes, I understand that this is a game jam game; GG guys


This is super cute and original! Everything is pleasant, the mechanics, aesthetic, gimmicks, etc. Love the different cat animations. Will be returning to this for sure.

Hey, maybe you'll dig my entry.


Fun game. I really like the loading screen! It's a hard game to play, but that makes it more fun imo.


Hey man, I did my full 10-minute review during my Twitch Stream tonight (twitch.tv/aaknox), but I'm going to summarize what I said during my review:

Art: Executed very well. Reminds me of Cat Mario.

Animations and Controls: Very user-friendly (which I love).

Overall gameplay: Your team did a very good job with this theme. You made sure with each level design that the dying has a purpose but also a strategy. I enjoyed playing this game.

Sounds and Music: Very well done. Honestly, I can tell that the sound effects were done with love and care. 

Hope this review helps your team grow!


This is amazing! The visuals, the sounds all great.

The design is my favorite though. The whole idea of 9 lives of cats and different types of cats leaving behind different platforms on death makes me wish I had come up with it.


This is so cool. Visuals are fun, music is a banger and the theme interpretation is on point. Loved it!


Awsome idea! Fully fit the theme of "Dying is Awarded", What a great design!


This is reallyyyyy fun I'm impressed great job. The music is very catchy. The art is adorable, and the design itself is fun and progressive


Oh my goodness i really really really loved this. I like how you guys incorporated puzzle elements with the different cats into leaving your corpses behind, it adds a new twist to corpse-platformers. Really well polished and intuitive!!!

i saw this as it was being made on twitter!

How did you guys manage time and priorities? *_*

Thank you for the kind words ;] I find that consistency is a really big factor in getting things done. But also since I was on break from grad school I didn't have much else to do ;p


Really well done :) Well executed, solid idea, love the cute cats and audio is very fitting.

Some minor nitpicks! Since some (all?) of the cats are wider than one block, if there's a 1 block wide section of lava you can't fall in. The cat being larger than the blocks also makes the jumps maybe a bit more precise than they need to be. I think having some control over the height of the jump (Like in mario) would help a lot. The camera zooming out causes some weird visual issues which was pretty distracting in the magic carpet level.

Thanks for playing and the feedback!~ There is variable jump height but I scaled it back since the bouncy cats felt pretty bad the way I had it implemented (gravity as a higher value when the jump button isn't pressed) but I guess I should've fixed it properly. Definitely learned a lot while working on this. Glad you still enjoyed it, cheers